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Water Rehabilitation

 Evolution is a continuous process on our Planet in which Su always keeps us connected to life and ensures the continuity of life on Earth. This means; Water is closely related to the Life and Death processes on our Planet that always remind us of Creation and re-Creation.

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 In such a perfect system, the balance of all substances (Water, Fire, Earth, Air) refers to the laws of Nature that govern us all the Universe. Just as the “Industrial Civilization zarar causes harm to all human beings and all living things in the opposite direction to the creation of nature, as the degradation of nature tells us the laws of nature.

In order to protect and repair the living system, it is necessary to understand very well the fact that all substances are interconnected by an extraordinarily complex and multidimensional system, with the exception of the fact that all substances, as we know or believe, are composed solely of building blocks. Vibration is related to Electromagnetism or Energy Waves.

 With the invention E = mc², Einstein crossed the boundaries of the fields of understanding, perception, and application of science and technology to reveal a reality that has escaped the eyes of Man; Everything in the universe is an energy that vibrates in its own wavelengths. The energy that appears as reality is a vibration of a certain speed or rate. “Nothing is independent of the others. Everything is related and related. ”This is really a principle of creation.

Beyond the fixed concepts of science, a real level of understanding must be established. We need a new technology that helps us understand the principles of the system of creation, what it is, and our role in this system, explains the secrets of countless mysteries in the universe and gives us an understanding of the different dimensions of reality. That is why Mr. Ayhan DOYUK has established a chain of solutions that cannot be confused with traditional scientific ideas.
To better understand this, we must start from the very beginning, where nature gives us all the examples. Nature is an excellent book that we can read and learn.

In this way, we found water, which is the perfect combination of permanent transformation in the evolutionary process, with fire. We must perceive these substances not only as physical beings, but also as the essence they carry within them.

    The essence of water,
    Magnetism and fire,

Furthermore, we must perceive magnetism and electricity not only as extraordinary beings, but as intelligent forces that explain the origin and roots of creation. Together, these substances, together, create a new third force in a harmonious and balanced way, which is Electromagnetism. The importance of human health and ecological balance of the whole world is a very important force that is newly perceived.

Following the footsteps of his knowledge and observations, Mr. Ayhan DOYUK understood the fact that water is a natural electromagnetism conductor. In fact, water was far beyond its scientifically described abilities and characteristics. The water was alive, feeding life, and hosting it. More importantly, it was able to produce and convert energy to transmit and retain the barely perceptible energy and physical substances. He was cleaning and protecting life. Water was called the universal solvent, and water was also a mirror, reflecting the image of the society that was associated with it.

Therefore, our waters; If we look at the current state of our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, we can see the reflection of a sick society that is polluted and degraded, deviated from its real purpose, unable to sustain and protect life. We left our waters to die, and now the water reflects the same death and anguish to us, revealing our unconsciousness and neglect. In the same way, water gives us an opportunity to reverse this process of self-harm.

AyDo™ World Projects was founded within this framework. We know that if we clean the water no matter where it is, the water will also clean the Earth. We are returning our planet to its first form, which is constantly shown to Man, the ecosystem in which it was created.

In the early days of Planet Earth, the atmosphere was extremely hot, with methane, ammonium and carbon dioxide making life forms impossible on the planet. After millions of years of cooling the world, Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide were the main gases in the atmosphere. With the change of the position of the neutral atoms in the universe, along with the vital chemistry, these substances were re-shaped as water vapor and carbon gas, which subsequently cooled the atmosphere, condensing this vapor, raining on the earth and covering the entire surface of our planet. This process took several million years, but once it was completed, a perfect environment was set for life to emerge. Life came from water and carbon and evolved and began to develop.

That's why our formula is water-based, water-based, which works directly on carbon molecules is a formula. When we look at the book of life, which is ubiquitous around us, we realize that we can repair ecology in the same way that we harm life. This life lesson was always with us, we took this lesson and we got the necessary information that is always available in the universe to repair vital systems and restore ecological balance.

When we went down to the source of the problem and looked at the first days when humans intervened in the ecological balance of the planet, we found ourselves at the center of the problem. Thus, 30 years ago, Mr. Ayhan DOYUK started his research and studies to solve the problem at its source by reversing the process that accelerates the physical damages of the Earth by using water, which is an excellent tool.

In this context, the systems mentioned herein; It has been presented as a result of research and development of water-based studies as solutions for accessing all areas contaminated by chemicals, hydrocarbons and petrochemicals and converting these chemicals into useful biological substances.

Now, let's talk about how this water-based technology works:

This universal, life-giving and life-supporting substance - water physically - is a mediator between life and death, disease and health, integrity and nothingness. Water is the host and host of the main AyDo™ SIW formula, which is commercially available.

Considering the combination of water and AyDo™ SIW formula, we get the following result; AyDo™ World Projects Systems.

The AyDo™ SIW formula is individually tuned and optimized for every task that needs to be fulfilled. Its main task is to remove hydrocarbon contamination and convert it into a biologically harmless, nutritious form and fatty acids, and as a secondary task to reduce the volume of all inorganic contamination.

The structure of the AyDo ™ SIW formula has a vital relationship with life. For example, it is not an isolated substance that is randomly added or added to water, air, soil to solve any problem. It is a substance that is capable of reacting with other molecules, converting them into useful substances and sharing the knowledge and life it carries with them. Even when the reaction is complete, it still carries the same vital information without any changes. The structure of the AyDo ™ SIW solution is incredibly strong and surprisingly unifying.

It contains high amounts of carbon and silicate together with mineral deposits. However, it has an excellent structure for life enhancement, which can be shown with microscopic photographs.

In order to understand the two basic features of its structure (high adaptation and resistance strength), we need to understand its shape and energy.

Water is said to consist of two basic substances: Hydrogen and Oxygen. The formula of our solution is also very simple: H2O but its structure is much more complex. When it is in liquid form, it becomes a constant, mobile, dynamic substance like life itself. Hydrogen provides high adaptability by forming strong bonds with other elements, yet it is brittle enough to easily dissolve and bond again and again.

Therefore, the best quality spring water is the carrier of our formula, and the result is surprisingly powerful, surprisingly powerful with the ability to penetrate hydrocarbon molecules, break down the carbon and hydrogen bonds, and release the atoms of both substances and make new biochemical reactions by recombining them.

Once the appropriate formula of AyDo™ SIW is applied to a problem zone (water, soil, air and fire), the formula immediately analyzes the pollution and converts hydrocarbons into nature-useful Bionitruents and Aminoacids, reducing the volume of heavy metals.

One of the consequences of this transformation is the cleaning, recovery and pollution-free and breathing of contaminated and lost water wherever it may be. At the end of 21 days the process is completed and all pollution is 100% purified. BOD and COD values ​​are very close to zero.

The resulting H2O is capable of reproducing itself as the original substance should naturally do, transforming everything it touches during the creation process. That's why; It has the property of trapping oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide in the air and potassium, calcium, manganese, sodium and other minor minerals in the soil.

When the process is completed, the increase in oxygen increases by 60% to 70%. As a result of the tight bonding of hydrocarbon contamination, 25.5% to 30% of the oxygen in the air is taken into the water as a result of natural equilibrium. Water molecules play a very important role during all these reactions. Thus, partially released hydrogen with its characteristic tendency is introduced into the atmosphere.

Depending on the specific character and specific weight of the substance to be converted, it can be stored for future use as well as improved or stored as a natural nutrient (protein) as precipitate. This process is visible and easily explained when the solution is applied to contaminated waters. The same applies to soil, fire and air, but is not as easily visible to the water cleaning process. However, since water is the carrier of the formula and the formula always performs the same function, the same rule applies for each case.

Rules, Concepts and Techniques:

Unlike the strict molecular bonds at the time of pollution, molecular bonds are extended when the formula is applied to substances found in nature. Other results of the extension process are:

Heavy metals and other harmful chemical additives are surrounded and rendered harmless in the form of precipitate.

    Other organic additives are converted into natural nutrients.
    Harmful viruses and bacteria are also encircled, isolated and transformed over time, because they no longer benefit from Sodium molecules.

In hydrocarbon contamination, the bonds between molecules are very tight and dense. They form a network that encapsulates the other elements. This network causes poisoning that kills OXYGEN and LIFE. Because nature cannot breathe.

No organisms were harmed during the development of our products.

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